Become a Sponsor

Support for our group is important. Funding is not only necessary for us to maintain our activ­ities; it is also a strong support statement for our purpose and goals.

GRNOG is not a legal entity; hence we cannot directly accept money. Instead, we ask our sponsors to cover a part of our costs by providing goods or services necessary for our activ­ities, or paying on our behalf
invoices issued for such goods and services.


Patrons are perpetual sponsors of our continuing effort — not just sponsors of a specific event. They have agreed to support us on a regular basis, by providing goods or services of a value of at least 1500€ per year. The title of a Patron is awarded regardless of whether we will be able to absorb their support or not.

Event Sponsors

Event sponsors assist us to cover expenses related to a specific event. The following sponsoring packages are available:

  • Gold Sponsors: 1000€ — 1500€ per event
  • Silver Sponsors: 500€ — 1000€ per event
  • Bronze Sponsors: 200€ — 500€ per event

Supporting Companies

Supporting companies express their support for our group and our activ­ities, without providing any material help or covering any actual costs. Supporting companies are only required to state their support to our group in their site, including a link to our web page.

Sponsors’ benefits


Appears on GRNOG site (home page)L ---S
Appears on event web pageLLMS -
Explicit thank-you during event welcome and closingL L M S -
Appears on the main screen during event breaksL L M S S
Appears on side screens (if available) during the entire eventL LM S S

L: Large logo, M: Medium logo, S: Small logo