Become a Sponsor

Thank you for consid­ering becoming a sponsor of GRNOG!

Sponsorship is essential for GRNOG to sustain and develop its activ­ities. As we do not engage in any commercial activ­ities, we rely on financial support to cover the costs associated with organizing events and maintaining our activ­ities. By becoming a sponsor, you will be supporting our community of network engineers and helping to advance the field of networking.

There are various sponsorship models available, including Patrons, Conference Sponsors, and Supporting Companies.


Permanent Patrons & Sponsors

Patrons are long-term sponsors who support us on a permanent basis. These perpetual sponsors are partic­u­larly important to us, as their contri­bu­tions allow us to cover some regular mainte­nance expences, plan long-term and schedule regular events such as our confer­ences. Two levels of support are available to our patrons:

  • Permanent Patron: 3000€ per year
  • Permanent Sponsor: 1500€ per year

Event Sponsors

Event Sponsors assist us in covering additional expenses associated with a specific event. The following sponsoring options are available:

  • Gold Event Sponsor: 1500€ per event
  • Silver Event Sponsor: 1000€ per event
  • Bronze Event Sponsor: 500€ per event

Supporting Companies

Supporting Companies express their support for our group and our activ­ities without providing any material help or covering any actual costs. These companies are only required to state their support for our group on their website, including a link to our web page.


Sponsors’ benefits