Code of Conduct (CoC)

GRNOG is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone. Partic­i­pants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from our meetings and/or our community at the discretion of the organizers.

We do expect from our members to treat each other with tolerance and respect. Free speech and an open exchange of ideas is encouraged and celebrated. Demeaning, intim­i­dating or harming other community members is by no means accepted and will not be tolerated. We are especially sensitive to behaviour that offends based on gender, sexual orien­tation, religion, race or ethnic origin, or other perceived social, cultural, or personal differences.

GRNOG community members should not spam mailing lists, post others’ personal infor­mation, register multiple accounts to avoid moder­ation or mislead partic­i­pants, imper­sonate others, or make threats. Overt marketing or promo­tional activ­ities are discouraged.

Areas of Application 

Our code of conduct should apply to all means of commu­ni­cation used by our members, including our mailing lists, GRNOG meetings or any other means of oral or written communication.

The board members of GRNOG are respon­sible for facil­i­tating and moder­ating the GRNOG commu­nity’s discus­sions. At times they may direct an individual to cease a certain type of behaviour. Board members have the authority to moderate or ban disruptive community members if they decide this is necessary.

If you believe that someone is behaving contrary to this CoC, please inform a member of the GRNOG board.