Any profes­sional who is involved in the design, imple­men­tation, and operation of networks, networking infra­structure and networking services in Greece is eligible to become a GRNOG member.

If you want to sign up, please contact the GRNOG board at board(at) In order to support your appli­cation, please explain clearly your relevance to the group’s scope by providing:

  • Your name and affil­i­ation (company and job title)
  • How are you related ot the group’s scope and why are you inter­ested in its activ­ities
  • Refer­ences from other members

GRNOG members may partic­ipate in all GRNOG meetings, events, activ­ities, discus­sions and elections. More specif­i­cally, each member:

  • Is signed up to the GRNOG discussion maining list (grnog(at) and he/she is able to use this list to discuss with other GRNOG members
  • can partic­ipate in GRNOG meetings, events and activ­ities
  • has the right to elect and get elected

Non members

Although GRNOG is addressing to a specific community of proffes­sionals, a broader audience may be inter­ested in its activ­ities. GRNOG encourages non-members to partic­ipate in its meethings and interact with the group though social media. Non-members, however, have no access to the discussion mailing list and cannot partic­ipate in GRNOG elections.